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Truck Accidents

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Due to the sheer size and destructive capabilities of semi-trucks, being involved in an accident with one can be a traumatizing experience. If this has happened to you or a loved one, make sure you work with a dedicated personal injury lawyer. At Fox & Farmer, Attorneys at Law, we have served people throughout East Tennessee and the Smoky Mountain region since 1987.  We know what it takes to give you the very best legal representation possible. For a dependable support system during a difficult time, turn to our professional and compassionate attorneys in Knoxville and Sevierville.

What are the most common types of truck accidents?

Accidents involving large semi-trucks occur all the time on eastern Tennessee’s roads and highways, and they often result in serious injury. The following are the most common causes for these types of accidents:

  • Tire blowout. Semi-truck tires endure a great deal of wear and tear. Trucking companies need to ensure that tires are in good condition before allowing their drivers out on the road. If they do not, a serious accident could result if a tire blows out.
  • Jackknifing. Drivers that travel too fast around corners or on slick roads increase the likelihood of losing control and jackknifing. When this happens, the trailer swings around until it is perpendicular to the truck cab, often hitting other vehicles on the way.
  • Brake failure. Semi-trucks have complex braking systems that help them slow down and stop. These systems need to be properly maintained to ensure the safety of everyone else on the road, as a runaway 18-wheeler is extremely dangerous for obvious reasons.
  • Driver error or fatigue. Semi-truck drivers face a lot of pressure to bend the rules and drive for longer than they should per state and federal laws. As a result, they may become fatigued and even fall asleep at the wheel. In addition, truck drivers often have to navigate through unfamiliar areas, causing them to make mistakes or cut off other drivers.
  • Excessive or imbalanced loads. Trucking companies must ensure that their trucks are properly loaded, both in terms of overall weight and balance. Failing to do so increases the possibility of the driver losing control, especially when going downhill or moving across slippery surfaces. We can help you seek damages for trucking company negligence.
  • Inexperienced drivers. When someone rents a large truck, such as a U-Haul, that person likely doesn’t have the experience to drive safely. When an accident occurs because of this, you may seek compensation from the driver, the company that owns the truck and insurers.

What to do after being involved in a truck crash

At Fox & Farmer, we represent both truck and car drivers affected by accidents involving large 18-wheelers. If your car was struck by a large truck, we can help you seek compensation for both property damage and personal injuries. For truck drivers, we hold irresponsible motorists accountable if they followed too closely or spent too much time in your blind spots. We also try to make sure that companies do everything they should to keep truck and construction vehicle drivers and other motorists safe.

Get help after an accident

Don’t wait after your truck accident to seek strong legal guidance. Work with Fox & Farmer, Attorneys at Law today by calling 865.951.7268 or contacting us online. We offer a free initial phone consultation, and our team is very pleased to serve individuals and families throughout East Tennessee, including Knoxville, Sevierville and the surrounding areas.

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