3 Ways To Stay Awake During Your Bar Prep Class


As your bar prep course drags on, you are likely finding it harder and harder to stay awake. So weird that hours of lectures on the UCC aren’t scintillating enough to keep you fully engaged, right? Who would have guessed? And then people get all huffy if you climb over them every fifteen minutes to get fresh air, and even huffier if you fall asleep on their shoulder and drool all over them. Who knew law students could be so sensitive?

The problem with all those helpful internet guides on how to stay awake involve healthy things like “getting more sleep” and “exercising,” but none of these things are an option for you because you are confined to a chair in a stuffy auditorium somewhere. Illicit substances like cocaine are out, because now you are finally thisclose to becoming a lawyer and you’ve already filled out the whole character and fitness thing, so you really don’t want to screw it up now. Here are some last ditch ways you can try to stay conscious for the remaining weeks of bar prep.

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