What Kind Of Person Is Still At Work Right Now? —...

WHAT'S IN THE BOX: He said like Brad Pitt in Seven even though he was just talking about bonuses. THE GREATEST GIFT OF IMPEACHMENT: Would be to not have to think about Trump over the holidays. HERE'S A GOOD PARENTAL LEAVE POLICY: With school on hiatus, my other solution is to just not be a…

Has Anybody Been Unlucky Today? — See Also

NOTHING UNLUCKY HAPPENING WITH BONUSES: Especially for those who were high billers at this firm. BOIES SCHILLER NAMES NEW MANAGING PARTNERS: Time marches on and does its thing. LAW FIRM PARTNER RAP VIDEO: Okay, Jason Voorhees, you can come and get me now. SOUTH CAROLINA CHALLENGES RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES: Now this is the kind of "pro-life"…

Please Enjoy This Bowl Of Posts — See Also

WE KNOW WE ALREADY MENTIONED THIS: But if you haven't read the "bowl of dicks" story, do yourself a favor. IN OTHER NEWS: Have you read about the judge accused of running threesomes with staff? DISGRACED JUDGE ALEX KOZINSKI'S REHABILITATION TOUR IS IN FULL SWING: I mean, his protege Brett Kavanaugh allegedly tried to rape…

Happy Thanksgiving — See Also

HERE ARE SOME TIPS: For fighting with your family. HERE IS A NIGHTMARE: About the administration of an LSAT. HERE IS FEDSOC: Trying to gaslight you about what FedSoc is. HERE IS A BENCHSLAP: Calling out sexism in reply brief. HERE IS A PODCAST: About how John Roberts will doom us all.

In Non Criminal President News — See Also

THE KIDS, OF SUPREME COURT JUSTICES, ARE NOT ALRIGHT: Eugene Scalia accuses Biglaw of "self-censorship." INDEBTEDNESS AT THIS LAW SCHOOL IS FRIGHTENING: Don't go to Florida Coastal, y'all. CRYPTOCURRENCY CONVICTION: Former Biglaw partner convicted for his part in a scam. IS BASEBALL STILL A THING? Like, it's still a sport, but is it still in…

Gym Jordan’s Spurned Jacket — See Also

ROGER STONE IS GOING TO JAIL: I don't really care for how long, I care that Gordon Sondland sees him go. BRETT KAVANAUGH WOULDN'T MIND BEING KNOWN AS THE PIZZA JUSTICE: Admittedly, that's a step up from the justice credibly accused of attempted rape. PENN LAW TWITTER IS HOT RIGHT NOW: People really don't like…

I Guess — See Also

BILLING RATES DON'T MEAN BONUSES: I mean, I guess? CAMPUS DOESN'T MEAN FREE SPEECH: Not according to Trump, I guess. LAWYER PICKUP LINES: ... I guess. JOIN US AT BERKELEY FOR A FREE SPEECH DEBATE: I guess people will like this. I GUESS NOBODY HEARD: That Milbank made same-bank bonuses? Is this thing even on?

It’s Pretty Early For Bonus Season — See Also

Ahhh! Bonus Season Is Here: Milbank makes the first move. But Don't Get Too Excited: Some people are pissed there isn't more money. Then Again, Biglaw Is Prepping For The Next Recession: And partners are putting more skin in the game. But The Cost-Saving Measure Of Mandatory Arbitration Agreements Isn't Working Out So Well: Just…

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Law School Student Loan Defaults: Something no one wants to think about. Criminal Justice Reform Comes To Oklahoma: It's a bipartisan miracle. The Harvard Law Bird(s): A deep dive. Davis Polk Speaks: The latest in the racial discrimination case. Biglaw Accepts Bitcoin: What could possibly go wrong.

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Unqualified Judicial Candidate Cries: Yup, this is the dumbest timeline. Obnoxious Emails For $200, Alex: This guy, man. Halloween Costume Contest: Send us your pics! Biased Judges: Twitter edition.