Filing a Malpractice Claim?: How to Choose the Right Medical Malpractice Attorney


Did you know that over a third of physicians in the U.S. have faced a
medical malpractice or negligence case?

That’s right! In fact, back in
2015, some states had a medical malpractice suit rate of more than 30 cases per 100,000 residents. Louisiana led the pack, with
its rate of 44.1 malpractice suits per 100,000 residents.

All these prove how prevalent
medical malpractice and negligence in the U.S. is. As such, if you suspect your
doctor committed a medical mistake, take action right away. And one of the
first crucial steps to take is to hire a medical malpractice attorney.

The question is, how exactly do
you choose among the medical negligence lawyers out there? That’s what you’ll
discover in this post, so be sure to keep reading!

Seek Personal Recommendations
from Trustworthy Sources

In May 2019 alone, there were a
whopping 26,444 new civil lawsuits filed in the United States.
Granted, that represents a 12% decrease from the month before. Still, the
per-year rate shows a considerable increase in filings from years before.

Of these lawsuits, personal
injury lawsuits are the most common. Such cases include medical malpractice and

With that many victims of
personal injury cases, it’s possible you personally know some of them. As such,
start by getting personal recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues.

Put the names of medical malpractice lawyers with several mentions on
top of your list. Being recommended several times is a good sign that they
deliver high-quality service. If the people you trust had a great experience
with a lawyer, you’re likely to have the same experience.

Can’t get any recommendation?
Then start with a simple Google search of “medical malpractice attorney
near me”. You do need to dig deeper into these Google results, but it’s a
start to finding the best malpractice lawyer.

Run a “Background Check” on Each
Medical Malpractice Attorney

Check the website of each of your
prospective medical negligence lawyers. It should be transparent and contains
biographical information about them. It should contain specific information
about the areas of law they specialize in.

Be sure to check for specific
details about their experience in medical malpractice. Good lawyers will always
mention how long they’ve been protecting medical mistake victims.

They also make it a point to
provide free education to potential personal injury victims. They do so through
plain English blog posts about medical malpractice and negligence. These
articles can be about what to do if you suspect medical negligence and what to
expect if you do file a lawsuit.

Also, quality lawyers take pride
in employing knowledgeable and skilled staff. Keep in mind that lawyers all
over the U.S. have about 263,800 paralegals and legal
 working for them. They also work on cases and support
lawyers, so their information should also be on the website.

Confirm Licensure and Standing
with Bar Associations

You’ll learn a lot from the
website of medical practice attorneys, but you still want to confirm it. The
first step is to check that they are members of your state and local bar

If they are, they should be on
the bar association’s directory, together with a lawyer profile. This includes
their bio if their license is active, and the areas of law they can practice
in. You’ll also learn if the attorney has had ethical issues in the past.

Good standing with these bar
associations reflects the professionalism of a lawyer. It indicates
credibility, legitimacy, and service quality. These are all signs that a lawyer
will go to lengths to protect your rights as a medical mistake victim.

Time to Make Some Calls

By now, you likely would’ve
trimmed down your prospect list to two or three names. Ring up each of these
lawyers to give them a short “job interview”.

Pay attention to not only how
knowledgeable they sound, but also to how their voice sounds. Auditory cues can
tell you a lot about a person’s attentiveness and behavior.

Here are some of the most
important things to observe and ask when you make these calls.

Promptness of Answering Calls

While you can’t expect someone to
pick up the call on the first ring, you do want someone to answer your first
call. If you can’t reach a law firm after several tries, take that as a sign
they may be too busy to accommodate you.

How They Answer Questions

A great lawyer will give prompt
and authoritative answers to all your questions. Be careful though, as you
don’t want a lawyer who’s too abrupt and sounds condescending. You want to hire
an attorney who treats you with respect and makes you feel comfortable.

Key Questions to Ask

Keep in mind that many lawyers
practice various areas of personal injury. For instance, some specialize more
on motor vehicle accidents than medical malpractice. As such, be sure to ask
about how much of a firm’s caseload is for medical mistakes.

Also, ask about the law firm’s
settlement rate and how many of their cases went to trial. In most cases,
medical malpractice and negligence victims opt for a settlement.

For starters, because this is
often less expensive and less stressful for victims. Also, victims can receive
fair compensation faster than if their case went to trial.

Still, you want to hire a lawyer
who has a high success rate for cases that ended up in court. Knowing that your
attorney can represent you if this happens to your case will give you peace of

Be sure to ask about the lawyer
fees too and payment for case-related expenses. Ask if the medical negligence
lawyer offers services on a contingency fee basis. If so, this means you’ll pay
the lawyer only once you receive your settlement.

Follow These Tips to Find the
Best Medical Malpractice Lawyer ASAP

Remember: There’s always a
deadline for filing medical malpractice and negligence claims. States have
varying “statutes of limitations”, but some only have a one-year
deadline. That’s why it’s important you seek the help of the best medical
malpractice attorney ASAP.

So, as early as now, follow this
guide to find the best medical malpractice lawyer for your case. The sooner you
do, the sooner you can get compensated for your pain and suffering.

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