Is Road Rage a Crime? Find out When It Can Be


Do you consider yourself an aggressive driver?
Maybe you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and find other people on the
road to be rude, angry, or even violent. 

Whichever scenario applies to you, you need to
be aware of the legal ramifications of road rage. We are going to look at the
question, ‘is road rage a crime?’ and what might happen if you become involved
with a raging driver. 

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What is Road Rage?

Road rage is an angry
 that typically
stems from one driver reacting to another person’s actions on the road. The
driver that causes this reaction may not even be aware that they’ve done
anything wrong.

Often, the angered person will tailgate, make
obscene gestures, curse (mentally or verbally,) attempt to run the other driver
off the road or even hit the offending driver’s vehicle with their own. 

Additionally, a driver with road rage may
honk, slow their speed, or not respond to traffic lights. They may also exit
their vehicle in an attempt to start a physical altercation. 

How to Respond to Angry Drivers

If you are on the receiving end of an angry
driver’s aggressions, do not engage. Attempt to wave or mouth the word ‘sorry.’
Sometimes this isn’t enough and the other driver may continue this

In this event, try to remember the license
plate number and contact the police if you’re fearful. Avoid getting out of
your vehicle if there is an accident until help arrives.

Curious about how to handle a road rage
accident? Learn

…But is Road Rage a Crime?

Road rage is a crime and an officer may ticket
the offending driver. Often, drivers aren’t caught, but if they are seen
driving aggressively, they may face fines. If the driver causes an accident
with injuries, they may also face jail time. 

Aside from paying legal fees from a road rage
ticket, insurance costs will likely increase. The angry driver may also have to
live with the guilt that they injured or killed someone in a fit of rage. 

Avoiding Dangerous Situations

Unfortunately, you can’t control other drivers
or their behavior. The easiest way to try to avoid these drivers is to follow
local laws. This includes using a turn signal, not driving in passing lanes,
and being courteous to other vehicles. 

Always check before a lane change by turning
your head – don’t rely solely on your mirrors as there can be a car in your
blind spot. 

Sometimes, the shoe is on the other foot and
you may feel your temper rising. When this happens, slow down if you’re
speeding, take some deep breaths, and turn on some calming music. 

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum,
remember the answer to ‘is road rage a crime’ is always yes – and the outcome
isn’t worth it! 

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