Morning Docket: 08.01.19


* An argument for ditching the billable hour for the sake of mental health. []

* Eighth Circuit okays suppressing Native American votes in North Dakota. [Courthouse News Service]

* Masturbating on the D.C. Metro is legal? That actually doesn’t shock me. [Washington Examiner]

* Charlotte is probably America’s hottest legal market right now, which is a sentence no one expected ten years ago. [American Lawyer]

* Facebook beat back case claiming that the platform aided in Hamas attacks. Expect a lot of nonsensical blathering about Section 230 in Congress today. [Law360]

* California passes major legislation to protect sex workers. The bill’s sponsor is named Wiener which shouldn’t make me laugh as much as it is. [Rolling Stone]

* A no deal Brexit is a disaster for young lawyers. [Legal Cheek]