Personal injury court tv

How does personal injury court TV show work?

In Personal Injury Court , Judge Gino Brogdon hears high-value personal injury cases and then decides who is responsible for paying for the plaintiff’s damages using reenactments, surveillance videos, eyewitness accounts, and expert testimony.

Is Gino Brogdon a real judge?

Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. Gino Brogdon is an American judge and television personality. He is the presiding judge of the ongoing reality court show, Personal Injury Court.

Is Personal Injury Court with Judge Gino real?

Personal Injury Court was an American syndicated nontraditional court show in which personal injury lawyer Gino Brogdon hears and rules on personal injury cases. The show was produced by 501 East Entertainment and the re-launched Orion Television, and is distributed by MGM Domestic Television Distribution.

What channel does Judge Gino come on?

Personal Injury Court TV with Judge Gino Brogdon | MGM Television .

How much do Judge Judy audience get paid?

Those folks in the spectator seats are paid extras ( often aspiring actors) who earn $8 per hour to sit and look attentive. Prospective audience members apply for the limited amount of seats by emailing their contact information along with a clear headshot to one of Judge Judy’s production coordinators.

How much do guests get paid on Judge Judy?

Defendants who think they’ll lose want the show to pay the damages they owe. And in either case, the show pays each person an appearance fee of around $150 to $500 and pays for their flight, hotel and meals.

Who pays on Judge Judy?

First off, if the plaintiff wins the case, “Judge Judy” pays them the money, not the defendant . Secondly, because the show settles disputes through arbitration and not litigation, the defendant won’t have any civil judgement added to their record if they lose.

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Do you get paid to be on Judge Mathis?

The show’s producers pay any judgment rendered by the TV “ judge .” I put judge in air quotes because technically they are not judges and it is not a court. The parties sign an arbitration agreement to appear on the show. Each party receives an appearance fee of a couple hundred dollars, win, lose or draw.

Is People’s Court fake?

Though the show is decorated and run like a real courtroom, it is not a real court or part of any judicial system, but instead a form of binding arbitration.

Do TV court shows pay?

Anyone appearing on a television court show is paid an appearance fee. For example, a show may offer to pay for travel expenses, including hotel and flights, for guests who are not from the area where the show is being filmed. Those who appear in the background as the court audience are also paid .

Does paternity court use actors?

While most TV court judges are or used to be judges, in TV they aren’t actually performing a court proceeding just a facsimile thereof. As they aren’t actually acting under the existing legal system their decisions are only as legally binding as the contracts for the show declare them to be with everyone’s signatures.

Is Lauren Lake’s paternity court real?

Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court is a syndicated Reality Court Show in which family lawyer and legal analyst Lauren Lake hears and rules on paternity cases and renders DNA test results. Paternity Court premiered on Monday, September 23, 2013.

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