Six Last-Minute Bar Exam Tips


Let’s have real talk. By the time you see this post, you are under 24 hours away from taking the bar exam. What should you be doing with those last precious hours? What should you do to maximize your ability to not die during the process? Believe it or not, we have tips. And not the snarky sarcastic kind. These are actual legit things that worked for those of us that passed the bar recently or many many years ago. Shut up. Don’t ask how many years. That’s just rude.

1)Pre-exam: It’s Far Past The Time To Cram


Listen. If you don’t know the Rule Against Perpetuities yet, you aren’t going to learn it in the next few hours. That isn’t actually meant to be fatalistic or even remotely bitter. Your brain is full. Your brain is probably tired. Trying to stuff something in that you don’t yet comprehend doesn’t work at this late date. All you are going to do is increase your panic levels to unsustainable amounts. Channel your nervous energy into high-level review if you must. Review your outlines for each topic. Practice your mnemonics if that is your jam. Look at your flow charts or templates or whatever visual type things work for you. But don’t just spend your time spinning your wheels over what you don’t know.

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