A shocking accident

What does the pig symbolize in a shocking accident?

How does the pig serve as a symbol in “A Shocking Accident “? The flying pig that kills Jerome’s father symbolizes the absurdity of life. Many events in life cannot be predicted or prepared for,and death is one of them. Reread the scene in which the housemaster breaks the news of the death of Jerome’s father to the boy.

What is the theme of a shocking accident?

The main themes of the story “A Shocking Accident” by Graham Greene are the absurdity or triviality of death (illustrated by Jerome’s father death) and coming of age (illustrated by Jerome’s transformation from a child to a man).

How did Jerome’s father die?

Answer. Jerome’s father suffered a tragic death when a pig fell upon him on a street in Naples. Jerome faces internal conflict when he hears the tragic news and people keep laughing at the funny incident. He makes a strange story of a heavy pig falling from top of a multistoreyed building and breaking his neck.

Where was Jerome’s father when he died?

He was stationed in a foreign country where people customarily raised pigs on their balconies. Evidently the pig got to fat and crashed through the flooring and fell on the boy’s father .

What is the shocking accident of Greene’s story?

Greene’s “A Shocking Accident ” is about a young boy, Jerome, whose father is killed by a falling pig. Other characters in the story can’t help but laugh when they hear about it, and Jerome tries to make the story less surprising so that people do not find it as funny.

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How does Jerome develop a theme of the story?

Jerome rallies his teammates to support the victims of a fire, developing the theme that people can overcome adversity by working together. By following through on his commitments, Jerome demonstrates that actions speak louder than words.

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