Danica patrick accident

What is Danica Patrick doing now?

She has an athleisure clothing line called Warrior by Danica Patrick and is the sole proprietor of her brand of wine, Somnium, which means “dream” in Latin. In addition to that, Patrick launched her podcast Pretty Intense in 2019. Some of her guests have included Alex Rodriguez, Bobby Flay, and Howie Mandel.

What is Danica Patrick’s net worth?

She walked away from the sport as the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing, having won more races than any other female. In addition to motorsports, Patrick also made her money through the endorsement deals she’s had over the years giving her a whopping net worth of $60 million .

Was Danica Patrick a good driver?

Now that it appears her career has finally been black-flagged, let the record show that Patrick was a mediocre-at-best driver who never would have gotten past the guard gate at Daytona International Speedway if she hadn’t looked hot doing yoga. Stewart-Haas Racing endowed her with the best equipment.

Is Danica Patrick still racing in 2019?

Patrick bested Janet Guthrie’s record for the most top-ten finishes by a woman in the Sprint Cup Series in 2015. She stopped racing full-time after the 2017 season, but competed at the 2018 Daytona 500 and the 2018 Indianapolis 500 before officially retiring.

Do Nascar drivers poop in their suits?

That’s why fans want to know if NASCAR Drivers poop in their suits . The answer is NO. Before starting the race, drivers use the toilet and empty themselves.

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How many times has Danica Patrick crashed?

In her first season in NASCAR, Danica Patrick’s car is momentarily airborne in a wreck at California. Patrick wrecked out of 3 of her first 8 races in what is now the XFINITY Series. Danica Patrick Average Finish – In Full Cup Series Seasons.

Top 10
2016 22.0
2017 >>28.1
>>Through 11 of 36 races

What is Danica Patrick’s salary?

12 million USD (2011)

Who is the richest Nascar driver?

Here is a list of the richest NASCAR drivers that are still alive and enjoying their wealth. 1 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2 Richard Childress – $250 million. 3 Jeff Gordon – $230 million. 4 Jimmie Johnson – $180 million. 5 Tony Stewart – $100 million. 6 Kevin Harvick – $90 million. 7 Kyle Busch – $80 million.

How rich is Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers Net Worth : Aaron Rodgers is an American professional football player who has a net worth of $120 million dollars.

Who married Danica Patrick?

Paul Edward Hospenthal m. 2005–2013

Who are Danica Patrick’s parents?

Bev Patrick Mother T.J. Patrick Father

Is Aaron Rodgers dating anybody right now?

Rodgers is now reportedly dating actress Shailene Woodley. “ It seemed like Aaron had found his perfect partner in Danica Patrick. Danica had no idea when she introduced actress Shailene Woodley to Aaron that Shailene would make a play for him. Shailene and Aaron were quite cozy last weekend in (Lake) Tahoe.

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