Drew lynch accident

How did Drew Lynch get hurt?

Lynch auditioned for the 10th season of America’s Got Talent in 2015. When he was 20, he had been injured during a game of softball when a ball struck him in the throat, he then fell and hit his head causing a concussion.

What happened to Drew Lynch’s dog?

My dog had cancer and had to wear a cone after the operation.

How much is Drew Lynch worth?

Drew Lynch is an American YouTube channel that has a net worth of $569,000 dollars as of November 2020.

Does Drew Lynch actually stutter?

After developing a stutter in the wake of a 2011 softball accident that severely damaged his vocal cords, Lynch’s inspiring story and hysterical standup routines about his stutter made him a fan-favorite.

How old is Drew Lynch?

29 years (August 10, 1991)

Who beat Drew Lynch on AGT?

Drew was revealed to be in the Top 5 instead of Gary Vider. Drew was revealed to have finished in second place in the competition, in front of Oz Pearlman, The Professional Regurgitator, and The CraigLewis Band, but behind Paul Zerdin .

What kind of dog is Stella?

French bulldog

Who won Season 10 of AGT?

“America’s Got Talent” has another winner. On Wednesday, ventriloquist Paul Zerdin won season 10, taking home the $1 million prize. He topped a list of talented finalists that included Piff the Magic Dragon, the Craig Lewis Band, the Professional Regurgitator and Uzeyer Novruzov.

How did Drew Lynch lose his stutter?

As we learn from Lynch’s stage conversation and background interviews, Lynch did not always stutter . There was a grounder that took a bad hop and hit me in my throat, which damaged some nerves in my vocal cords.” He explains that he had a concussion from the event, and developed the stutter .

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Can you get a stutter from trauma?

Severe emotional trauma can cause psychogenic stuttering . Stuttering may run in families because of an inherited abnormality in the part of the brain that governs language. If you or your parents stuttered , your children may also stutter .

Can you get a stutter from a concussion?

Conclusions. The ease with which we found so many reports of stuttering after head injury with concussive symptoms confirms that new-onset stuttering may be a symptom of concussion .

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