Drivers under 18 are ______ times more likely to have a fatal accident than the average driver.

Which is a result of poor peripheral vision?

If your peripheral vision is severely limited, it can seriously affect safe driving ability unless it is compensated for by increased scanning and visual search. Peripheral vision is used in part to detect information that may be important for safe driving.

Why do you think the death rate for drivers and passengers is higher among teens than other age groups?

Why do you think the death rate for drivers and passengers is higher amount teens than other age groups . This is a great reason why they are on their phones driving , turning the music up high, and having other distractions in their cars. Therefore, they get in car crashes.

What should you do if you find yourself in a situation with an aggressive driver?

If you find yourself in an encounter with an aggressive driver , remember the following guidelines: Stay calm. Always keep your seat belt fastened, and make sure your passengers have done the same. Avoid eye contact.

What are the traits that are dangerous while driving?

There are a number of traits which are dangerous while driving, and they include: assertiveness, pride, forgetfulness, exhibition, and irresponsibility . aggressiveness , sloth, emotional instability inattentiveness , exhibition, and irresponsibility .

Can peripheral vision be corrected?

Unfortunately, there are no easy vision correction options such as conventional eyeglasses or contact lenses that can correct permanent loss of peripheral vision .

What type of distraction is it when your mind is off the road?

Visual : taking your eyes off the road. Manual : taking your hands off the wheel. Cognitive : taking your mind off driving.

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What age group are the safest drivers?

Drivers ages 16-17 continue to have the highest rates of crash involvement, injuries to themselves and others and deaths of others in crashes in which they are involved. Drivers age 80 and older have the highest rates of driver deaths. Drivers ages 60-69 were the safest drivers by most measures examined.

Should 13 year olds drive?

Even though thirteen year olds are teenagers. They are still in a kid age. Letting kids drive this age is a really bad idea. They may crash into other cars, trees, or other, things that can harm them.

What is the number one killer of teenagers?

Accidents (unintentional injuries), homicide, suicide, cancer, and heart disease make up the five leading causes of death for teenagers. Motor vehicle fatality is the leading cause of accident death among teenagers, representing over one-third of all deaths to teenagers.

What is the best way to stay safe when facing an aggressive driver?

You can set the example, which can help make our roads safer. Control your anger. Don’t take traffic problems personally. Avoid making eye contact with an aggressive driver . Don’t make obscene gestures. Don’t tailgate. Use your horn sparingly — even a polite honk can be misinterpreted. Don’t block the passing lane.

When confronted by an aggressive driver the very first thing you should do is?

If you ‘re confronted by an aggressive driver or a road rage driver , call the police immediately. If you ‘re in the left lane and someone wants to pass, move over and let the driver pass you . If confronted while stopped, do not get out of your vehicle.

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What’s the best way to deal with a tailgater?

What to Do If Someone Is Tailgating You Keep your distance. The best way to deal with a tailgater is to stay away from them in the first place . Stay calm. Get out of the way . Maintain a consistent speed. Don’t overuse your brakes. Don’t become a tailgater yourself. Don’t try to police the roadway.

What are the 5 abilities for being a safe driver?

The five abilities required for being a safe driver are: search, identify, predict, decide, and execute. You can avoid situations leading to road rage by: not cutting off other drivers .

What are 3 gauges or indicators?

Which three gauges or indicators are the most important to be aware of? Coolant temperature gauge , oil pressure gauge , and battery voltage gauge .

What is the number one rule for driving in bad weather?

Adjust your speed and slow down. Drive at a speed so you can safely control your vehicle. Never use cruise control on wet or slippery roads. Look at least 15 to 20 seconds ahead and slow down if your visibility is reduced.

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