Franck ribery before accident

What happened to Franck Ribery?

Tragically, Ribéry suffered a serious head wound in a car accident at the age of two. He was rushed to hospital and required 100 stitches after the crash in his hometown of Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. (In interviews he’s said the scars gave him “character” and “strength” throughout his career in football.)

Is Franck Ribery injured?

Franck Ribery has suffered ligament damage to his right ankle in an ill-timed injury blow for embattled Serie A side Fiorentina. The Viola confirmed the setback after the 36-year-old was forced off in the first half of Saturday’s 1-0 loss to Lecce.

What position is Ribery?


Why did Ribery leave Bayern?

Bayern physio Gianni Bianchi claims Ribery was offered a one-year extension. But Bianchi believes the winger left because he ‘wants to feel important’. Ribery has now signed a contract until 2021 with Fiorentina.

How did Frank Ribery get his scars?

When he was two years old, he and his family were involved in a car accident in his hometown, colliding with a lorry; he suffered serious facial injuries that resulted in more than one hundred stitches and which left two long scars down the right side of his face, and another across his brows.

Did Franck Ribery retire?

Franck Ribéry sticks by decision to retire from international football.

How much is Franck Ribery worth?

Franck Ribery net worth and salary: Franck Ribery is a French professional football winger who has a net worth of $70 million . Franck Ribery earned his net worth through his successful football career.

How old is Arjen Robben now?

36 years (January 23, 1984)

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How old is Franck Ribery?

37 years (April 7, 1983)

Which club is Robben now?

FC Groningen #10 / Midfielder

Did Ribery win Ballon d Or?

Franck Ribery Fumes At Not Winning 2013 Ballon d’Or, Calls It ‘Biggest Injustice Of My Career’ Nearly six years have passed since Franck Ribery finished third in the Ballon d’Or rating but the Frenchman is still angry over not winning the award.

Is Ribery Algerian?

Ribéry’s wife, Wahiba Ribery is a French national of Algerian descent. Ribery spent 12 years playing for Bayern, played 422 games, scored 123 goals, made 183 assists, and won over 21 trophies.

Who is the best player on Bayern Munich?

Robert Lewandowski

Where is Frank Ribery from?

Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

Is Arjen Robben left or right footed?

Robben is a world class player. He is predominantly a left – footed player. During a match he will often drift to the left wing, with his teammate, in the case of Bayern Munich, Franck Ribéry, switching over to the right .

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