Hood canal bridge accident

Is the Hood Canal Bridge?

Hood Canal Floating Bridge

Where is the Hood Canal Bridge?

Китсап Джефферсон

How does the Hood Canal Bridge work?

To open the bridge to allow marine traffic to pass (as required by the Coast Guard), WSDOT has three spans on each side that are hydraulically raised. Once they are raised, the floating spans can be retracted back under those spans to provide the opening.

How long is the Hood Canal Bridge?

2 398 м

When did the Hood Canal Bridge Collapse?

13, 1979: Hurricane force winds sank the Hood Canal Bridge .

How deep is the water under the Hood Canal Bridge?

80 to 340 feet

How deep is the Hood Canal?

183 m

How long does a drawbridge take?

A drawbridge rises at a constant rate. It takes 1 1/2 minutes for the drawbridge to rise 6/20 of its total height.

What county is Hood Canal in?

Mason County, Washington

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