Jeff verszyla accident

Where has Jeff Verszyla been?

Former KDKA-TV chief meteorologist Jeff Verszyla has been hired on staff at WTAE-TV as weekend evening meteorologist beginning Oct. 1. Verszyla , who was let go by KDKA in December 2018 after 23 years at the station, has been a fill-in, freelance forecaster for Channel 4 over the summer.

Who did Jeff Verszyla replace on WTAE?

Alex Alecci

Is Jeff Verszyla on WTAE?

Highly regarded local meteorologist Jeff Verszyla joins WTAE Channel 4 full time beginning October 1, 2020. Verszyla becomes part of Pittsburgh’s Action Weather team, including Chief Meteorologist Mike Harvey and Meteorologists Ashley Dougherty and Cam Tran.

Who got fired from KDKA?

Susan Koeppen

What happened Wendy Bell?

Wendy Bell no longer is affiliated with KDKA-Radio, an Entercom spokesman said Friday night. The announcement follows her removal from the air in early September after she suggested on her show that park rangers should “shoot on sight” people vandalizing public monuments.

Is Alex alecci leaving WTAE?

Q: What happened to Alex Alecci from WTAE ? I was shocked when he said it was his final day at the station. Rob: Alecci , who joined the station in late 2018, took a new job with WTAE sister-station WESH-TV in Orlando, Fla.

Are Susan Koeppen and Wendy Bell related?

Susan Koeppen , consumer reporter for “The Early Show” on CBS, was on WTAE from 2000-04. Koeppen started as the “Call 4 Action” consumer reporter and was later a weekend anchor. Her husband’s family lives in Pittsburgh (she and WTAE anchor Wendy Bell are married to brothers) and she still owns a home here.

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Who is the new weather girl on WTAE?

Ashley Dougherty

Who is chief meteorologist at KDKA?

Meteorologist Ray Petelin

Is Bob Kudzma still alive?

He died at age 79 in 2008. He died in 2016. Bob Kudzma : Worked as meteorologist at KDKA from 1968 to 2002.

Who is Celina pompeani married to?

Quick Facts and Information on Celina Pompeani

Full Name Celina Pompeani
High School / College / University Point Park University
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Boyfriend Mac Mathison

How old is Susan Koeppen?

Koeppen Age, Birthday She was born on April 16, 1972 in Albany, New York, USA. Koeppen is 48 years old in 2020.

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