Lie 495 accident today

Why is the lie shut down?

BREAKING: The L.I.E. near exit 59 is shut down for an investigation into a fatal accident involving a sheriff’s deputy.

What’s happening on the lie?

The ending of The Lie has a twist that very few can see coming. In the end, it is revealed that Kayla and Brittany planned the accident on purpose to frame Jay and Rebecca. As Jay and Rebecca have been defending their daughter, they are the ones who end up as the prime suspects in the ‘murder’.

What is the last exit on the LIE?

The long answer: The construction of the Long Island Expressway began in 1939 in Long Island City, Queens. Over the next three decades, it extended deep into Suffolk County, reaching its last exit , 73, in 1972.

What is Exit 37 on the LIE?

Long Island Expressway at Exit 37 – Interstate 495 (LI Expy)

What is Exit 49 on the LIE?

Melville is located immediately off of Exit 49 of the LIE . New York State Route 110 runs through the center of Melville.

What is Exit 40 on the LIE?

Long Island Expressway at Exit 40 . Interstate 495 (LI Expy) (at NY-25 (Jericho Tpke))

What is Exit 52 on the LIE?

Via the Long Island Expressway (I-495) East on the LIE (I-495) to Exit 52 – Commack Road.

What town is exit 53 on the LIE?

Brentwood, Ny

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