Linda lovelace car accident

What happened to Linda Lovelace husband?

Death. Traynor died at the age of 64 of a heart attack in Chatsworth, California, on July 22, 2002, three months after Lovelace died from massive trauma and internal injuries as a result of a car accident.

Is Linda Lovelace dead?

How much money did Linda Lovelace make from her book?

Lovelace herself made a mere $1,200 for her work — all of which went to Traynor. After years out of the spotlight, Lovelace reappeared in 1980 without the positive spin.

Who did Linda Lovelace marry?

Ларри Марчиано в браке с 1974 г. до 1996 г. Чак Трейнор в браке с 1971 г. до 1974 г.

What does Lovelace mean?

From Middle English lufeless (“loveless”), possibly a nickname for a philanderer. In the libertine sense, refers to Robert Lovelace , a character in Samuel Richardson’s 1748 novel Clarissa, or, the History of a Young Lady.

Who did Chuck Traynor marry?

Marilyn Chambers m. 1974–1985 Linda Lovelace m. 1971–1974 Crissa Bozlee m. ?–2002

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