Martyn ashton accident

What happened Martyn Ashton?

A cyclist who broke his back during a stunt and is now paralysed from the waist down has spoken of his rapid recovery and his return to the sporting world. Trial bike specialist Martyn Ashton , from Margam, near Port Talbot, fell from a 3m (10ft) high platform at the British Moto GP at Silverstone four months ago.

How old is Martyn Ashton?

45 лет ()

Is Martyn Ashton married?

He married a woman named Lisa and has a son .

Is Danny MacAskill paralyzed?

But in a sad twist of fate he broke his back and became paralyzed before the movie was completed. With the help of his friends Chris Akrigg and Danny MacAskill , he was able to complete Road Bike Party 2, which launched today.

Why is Martyn Ashton in a wheelchair?

Ashton again broke his back on 1 September 2013 when he fell from a 3-metre high bar during a demo at Moto GP, causing serious injuries to his spinal cord which left him paralysed. Since his accident, Ashton has continued his pursuit of the outdoors with customized all-terrain wheelchairs .

Who founded GMBN?

Simon Wear

Where is GMBN filmed?

Since GMBN was launched last March we have filmed in France, Italy, America and all over the UK. “This week we have been filming at Eastridge and at Church Stretton. We try to cover all the different genres of mountain biking from endurance riding to downhill.

Who is Blake Samson?

Dirt jump and slopestyle pro Born in Zimbabwe but now resident in the Isle of Wight, UK, Blake has travelled the world as a pro rider competing in the world’s premier dirt jump and slopestyle competitions.

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Where does Neil Donoghue live?


Who are the GMBN presenters?

The channel is fronted by world-renowned pro riders, including: mountain bike trials legend and Road Bike Party star Martyn Ashton ; former UK Gravity Enduro champion and former World Cup downhill racer, Neil “The Don” Donoghue; and dirt jump and slopestyle pro Blake Samson .

Where is Danny Macaskill from?

Dunvegan, United Kingdom

Who sponsors Danny MacAskill?

Danny’s major bike sponsor is Santa Cruz. He is also sponsored by Red Bull, GoPro, Endura, Adidas, FiveTen, Crankbrothers and more. In 2012, Danny Macaskill chose to partner with Lezyne.

How much money does Danny MacAskill make?

Scots cyclist Danny MacAskill sees his fortune soar to more than £2.4 million in last year. STUNT cyclist Danny MacAskill’s fortune soared to more than £2.4million last year, figures show. The Scots star’s income rocketed after he travelled the world performing daredevil tricks for adverts and promotional videos.

What age is Danny MacAskill?

34 years (December 23, 1985)

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