Causes of road accident

What are the major causes of road accident? Causes of Road Accidents Over Speeding. Drunken Driving. Distractions to Driver. Red Light Jumping. Avoiding Safety Gears like Seat belts and Helmets. Non-adherence to lane driving and overtaking in a wrong manner. What are the causes of accident? Following are eight of the most common causes of […]

Accident rates by age

What gender has the highest accident rate and why? A study that took place in America found that 71% of car accident casualties were men, while women only made up 29% of deaths . It was also found that nearly twice as many men who are aged 34 or younger died in speeding crashes than […]

Usps accident report

How do I file a claim with USPS accident? Claims for Loss or Damage Online: Go to www. usps .com⁄help⁄ claims . htm for information on USPS domestic insurance . By mail: Call 800-ASK- USPS (800-275-8777) to have a claim form mailed to you. Evidence of Insurance . Proof of Value. Proof of Damage or […]

Pet accident insurance

What is considered an accident for pet insurance? Accident -only policies will also tend to cover injuries if your pet gets into a fight with another animal , a snake bite, or other cuts and scratches caused by others. Most policies will cover a good range of treatments for injuries such as x-rays, medicines, visits […]

Oscar taveras car accident

What happened to Oscar Taveras? Death. On October 26, 2014, Taveras and his girlfriend, Edilia Arvelo, both died in a car accident on the Sosúa-Cabarete freeway in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, in which his red Chevrolet Camaro ran off the road and hit a tree. When did Oscar Taveras die? Who died on the Cardinals? […]