Accident hit and run

What is the difference between hit and run and leaving the scene of an accident? What is the Difference Between Misdemeanor and Felony Hit and Run ? Leaving the scene of an accident can be a felony or a misdemeanor. Generally a hit and run is a felony whenever there has been an injury to […]

Accident in french

What is accident in French? 1. (= mishap) accident m. accidents at work accidents du travail. to have an accident avoir un accident . Is chassis a French word? Borrowed from French châssis, from châsse, from Latin capsa (“case”). What is the meaning of OUI in English? interjection. yes [interjection] used to express agreement or […]

Accident lawyer seattle

Should I hire a lawyer after car accident? You should always contact a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in a car accident and may be partially at fault for the accident . A car accident lawyer can help protect you against legal claims by the other parties involved in the accident . […]