Accident in french

What is accident in French? 1. (= mishap) accident m. accidents at work accidents du travail. to have an accident avoir un accident . Is chassis a French word? Borrowed from French châssis, from châsse, from Latin capsa (“case”). What is the meaning of OUI in English? interjection. yes [interjection] used to express agreement or […]

Accident lawyer seattle

Should I hire a lawyer after car accident? You should always contact a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured in a car accident and may be partially at fault for the accident . A car accident lawyer can help protect you against legal claims by the other parties involved in the accident . […]

Tony little accident

What happened to Tony Little? He was training for The Mr. America Bodybuilding Championship, the biggest competition of his life, which he was sure he would win. Then tragedy struck, a near-fatal car accident left him physically destroyed and emotionally crushed. Six months before the competition, Tony was blind-sided by a school bus. How much […]