Precious harris car accident

When did precious Harris die?

How did Auntie Precious die?

Rapper T.I.’s older sister Precious Harris has died at the age of 66. According to TMZ, Harris died on Friday, over a week after getting into a serious car accident in Atlanta.

What happened to Precious on TI and Tiny?

Precious Harris, older sister of rapper and VH1 reality show star T.I. of T.I. & Tiny : Friends & Family Hustle, died today of injuries sustained in a car accident last week. She was 66. TMZ reported that Harris’s car hit a pole, which triggered an asthma attack.

Who is Timama?

Виолета Морган

Is TI and Tiny still together in 2020?

2020 ! Blessings.” T.I. and Tiny have been married for nine years and share a blended family of seven children. The Xscape singer did file for divorce in 2016, but they’ve apparently been working at reconciliation.

Does precious and I have the same mom?

Tip has a blended family, and Precious isn’t his full sibling. She and Tip share a father, Buddy Harris, who sadly died of Alzheimer’s disease. She has a different mother though. Her mom is a woman named Odette.

Is Precious dead?


How old is TI Harris?

40 years (September 25, 1980)

What ethnicity is TI?

Quick Facts Of T.I.

Celebrated Name T.I.
Birth Nation USA
Place Of Birth Atlanta, Georgia
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American

Did TI and Tiny get divorce?

In December 2016, Cottle filed for divorce from T.I. after six years of marriage. However, the couple worked on healing their marriage in 2017 after Tiny spent time with her group Xscape, and Tiny dropped the divorce files stating: “The divorce is off.”

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What happened tiny?

He suffers from gigantism and is severely scarred and deformed due to an incident involving his biological father “The Professor”, Gloria Firefly’s original husband. The Professor had, as according to Gloria, an unprovoked spur of violence which lead to him dousing Tiny in gasoline and lighting him on fire.

Who is Tip Harris mother?

Violeta Morgan

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