Resident evil stunt accident

How did Olivia Jackson lose her arm?

Olivia Jackson , a stunt performer, lost her arm in an on-set motorcycle accident while filming a scene in Sony Pictures Entertainment’s “Resident Evil” series. A tattoo of scissors follows a seam along Olivia Jackson’s upper arm , below which the stunt performer’s arm is amputated.

What happened to Olivia Jackson?

While riding a motorcycle at a high speed, a crane-mounted camera operated from vehicle travelling in the opposite direction collided with Olivia . The force of the blow was so intense that half her face was torn off, and she suffered multiple fractures, serious brain swelling and ruptured arteries in her arm and neck.

Did Milla Jovovich lose arm?

Olivia Jackson, a stunt double for “Resident Evil: The Last Chapter” star Milla Jovovich , said she suffered severe injuries in an on-set motorcycle crash back in 2015, causing her to have her arm amputated after being placed in a medically induced coma, according to the suit.

Does Alice die in Resident Evil The Final Chapter?

Alice fights Isaacs and successfully releases the antivirus, knowing it would kill her because she has T-virus cells in her. Isaacs and Wesker are killed , but Alice survives because she has healthy cells with the T-virus cells gone. She continues to set about the globe to search for survivors.

How old is Olivia Jackson?

37 years (August 25, 1983)

How old is Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element?


How much is Milla Jovovich worth?

Milla Jovovich Net Worth and Salary: Milla Jovovich is a Ukrainian-born American actress, model, singer, and fashion designer who has a net worth of $50 million .

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Was Alice a clone in Resident Evil?

As it turns out, that Alice was a clone of Alicia Marcus, the daughter of Dr. James Marcus, founder of the Umbrella Corporation. Dr. Her clone was given the alias Alice — this is the Alice we assumed to be the one and only in the first three Resident Evil movies.

Who is Milla Jovovich married to?

Paul W. S. Anderson m. 2009 Luc Besson m. 1997–1999 Shawn Andrews m. 1992–1992

How much did Milla Jovovich make Resident Evil?

She says producers had misled her into believing that their insurance would cover any injuries sustained during filming and resulting losses, but it only paid out $33,000. She later learned there was no liability coverage for her claim.

Where were the Resident Evil movies filmed?


Is Jill Valentine immune to the virus?

None of the Main characters are immune to any of the viruses . Jill was infected with the T- Virus , and Leon was infected with Las Plagas. There is a Vaccine for both the T & G viruses . Though in RE5 we learn that the t vaccine just put the t- virus to sleep it doesn’t get rid of it.

Will there be a Resident Evil 8?

Resident Evil 8 is coming out next year, sometime in 2021. That’s the official word from Capcom and that’s what was announced during Sony’s Future of Gaming event where we got our first look at the game.

Does Jill Valentine die?

Set in 2006, the Lost in Nightmares DLC showed Valentine and Redfield searching inside a mansion for Umbrella’s founder; to save Redfield from Wesker, Valentine tackled the latter through a window. Neither of their bodies were recovered, and Valentine is declared dead.

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