Rod bramblett car accident

What happened to Rod and Paula Bramblett?

Rod and Paula Bramblett were tragically killed when their SUV was struck by a vehicle driven by Johnston Taylor on May 25, 2019. Both of the Brambletts died later that night from their injuries.

When did Rod Bramblett Die?

How did Auburn announcer die?

Auburn radio voice, wife die following car crash Rod Bramblett was airlifted to UAB Hospital in Birmingham, where he died of a severe closed head injury, the coroner’s office said.

Who is Rod and Paula Bramblett?

Rod Bramblett had been a broadcaster at Auburn since 1993 and became the lead sports announcer in 2003 after the death of Jim Fyffe. He was known as “The Voice of the Auburn Tigers.” Paula Bramblett also worked for the university in the IT Department.

Who is the new voice of Auburn football?

Andy Burcham

Who killed Auburn announcer?

AUBURN — A teenager was arrested Monday as a result of the car accident that killed longtime Auburn radio broadcaster Rod Bramblett and his wife, Paula Bramblett . Johnston Edward Taylor, 16, of Auburn, was charged with two counts of manslaughter, according to a release from the Auburn Police Department.

Why is Auburn called Auburn?

The city of Auburn , founded in 1836 by Judge John Harper, has a population of about 35,000. The name was derived from the line “Sweet Auburn , loveliest village of the Plain” in Oliver Goldsmith’s poem “The Deserted Village.” An adjacent city, Opelika, has a population of about 25,000.

Why is Auburn University called Auburn?

In 1892, it became the first four-year coeducational school in Alabama , and in 1899 was renamed Alabama Polytechnic Institute (API) to reflect its changing mission. In 1960, its name was changed to Auburn University to acknowledge the varied academic programs and larger curriculum of a major university.

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How much are Auburn football tickets?

Typically, Auburn Tigers tickets can be found for as low as $11.00 , with an average price of $62.00 but can vary depending on the opponent.

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