Shelby stanga accident

What really happened to Shelby the Swamp Man?

Stanga was arrested and hauled off to jail down on the bayou this week for allegedly cutting down a cypress tree 3 years ago. There’s been a felony warrant out for his arrest since he took down the tree. He was released the same day, and now faces a felony theft charge.

How did Shelby the Swamp man lose his money?

Aside from a $9,000 flat-bottom boat he says the production crew sold to him for $1,600, Stanga says he lost money while taking part in “Ax Men .” “I’m still in the hole,” he says.

Did Shelby’s pirate ship sink?

The Ram barrage in the 1st period nearly sank the Pirates ship right off the bat. Shelby opened with a 19-1 run.

What is Shelby the Swamp Man worth?

Shelby Stanga net worth: Shelby Stanga is an American reality television star who has a net worth of $800 thousand .

Who died on Swamp Loggers?

David “Davey” McLaughlin

Where does Shelby Swamp Man live?

Shelby Stanga Mailing Address Swamp Man Logging 38061 Lee’s Landing Rd Ponchatoula, LA 70454.

Is Shelby Stanga married?

Apparently Shelby has been married to a sweet little woman named Donna for the past 14 years, and while he jokes about shooting her between the eyes, they appear to be a lovely couple. 8/3/2020 10:02 AM PT 8/3/2020 6:42 AM PT 12/30/2010. Shelby Stanga is a well known American television host and personality.

What kind of gun does Shelby the Swamp Man carry?

Ruger Blackhawk 44 Mag

How did Stacey on AXE die?

According to one fan, Stacey Robeson did not die in a logging accident. On the Ax Men Facebook page, one follower suggested that Stacey died from a heart attack in his sleep, though we’re unable to confirm whether or not that’s true. No matter his cause of death, it’s been a difficult time for those closest to him.

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How much is Troy Landry worth?

Troy Landry net worth: Troy Landry is an American reality star and alligator hunter who has a net worth of $2 million .

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