Tampa bridge accident

What happened to the old Skyway bridge?

It was 39 years ago that the storm-blinded freighter Summit Venture crashed into the support columns of the Sunshine Skyway bridge , causing a 1,200-foot span of the bridge to collapse into the bay. They died in the six cars, truck and Greyhound bus that fell 150 feet into the water below.

What year did the Tampa Bay bridge collapse?


Did anyone survive the Skyway bridge collapse?

Wesley MacIntire He was the sole survivor of the tragedy. Wesley MacIntire, a Gulfport resident, was driving across the bridge when the Summit Venture smashed into the southbound span. The World War II veteran’s truck fell, but bounced off the bow of the ship and into the water.

How high is the Skyway Bridge from the water?

55 м

What is the tallest bridge in Florida?

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

How long is the bridge from Tampa to Clearwater?

approximately 9.9 miles

How deep is Tampa?

25 m

Where is the skybridge in Florida?

St. Petersburg Tampa Bay Terra Ceia

Can you pay cash on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge?

Skyway only accepts United States currency up to $100 bills (foreign currency will NOT be accepted). Designated CREDIT CARD lanes are located in the center lanes of the toll plaza. E-ZPASS/ I -PASS ONLY lanes DO NOT accept cash .

When was Skyway Bridge built?


How long is the Skyway Bridge in miles?

6,663 m

How deep is the Skyway Fishing Pier?

25 feet

How many cars go over the Skyway Bridge per day?

50,500 vehicles

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What is the longest bridge in the world?

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

What is the grade of the Skyway Bridge?

4 percent

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