What is road accident fund

What is the Road Accident Fund and what is its purpose?

The Road Accident Fund provides compensation for: medical expenses that result from a motor vehicle accident . funeral expenses in the case of a death caused by an accident .

When did the Road Accident Fund start?

1 May 1997

How does the South African government provide support to Road Accident Fund?

The RAF provides financial assistance to people injured in road accidents or the dependants of people killed in road accidents caused by negligent driving. The fund is financed by a fuel levy that’s included in the petrol and diesel price.

What are the advantages of Road Accident Fund?

Another advantage of RABS benefits is that they are protected from being attached by creditors or other third parties. Claimants who are currently excluded from claiming loss of income from the RAF because of not being able to prove an income will be able to claim such benefits under RABS.

Does RAF pay the driver?

The RAF is only obliged to pay compensation if an injury or death is due to the negligent or other wrongful act of the driver or owner of a motor vehicle, or his or her employee in the performance of the employee’s duties as an employee.

How does RAF work?

The RAF works on the basis that you are assigned a percentage of responsibility (blame) for the accident. If your claim is successful, the RAF pays you an amount that represents the percentage that was not deemed your fault. It provides two types of cover: Personal insurance cover to accident victims or their families.

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Is Raf open during lockdown?

This is because the RAF closed its doors at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown because surprisingly, it is currently not regarded as essential services. Instead of opening offices with a limited staff compliment to process queries, the RAF has completely shut down all its communications channels.

Does RAF pay for death?

The RAF provides compensation in four main categories, for loss of income or support, medical costs, funeral costs and general damages. Compensation for loss of support and funeral costs may be paid in cases where the breadwinner in a family has died in a road accident. General damages payouts for 2017 came to R7.

What are the disadvantages of road accidents?

Disadvantages of Road Transport: Frequent Accidents : ADVERTISEMENTS: Inadequate Roads : Most of the roads are in bad shape and are inadequate. Heavy Taxes: There is heavy tax burden on motor transport in India. Poor Maintenance of Roads : Rising Cost of Petrol and Diesel: Unsuitable for Long Distances and Bulky Goods:

Who Gets Road Accident Fund?

“All road accident victims of Indian or foreign nationality will be considered eligible for the scheme as its beneficiary. The scheme will have a cap of Rs 2.5 lakh/person/ accident ,” as per the communication.

How do I claim Road Accident Fund?

The documents required to launch a claim with the RAF are; the police report and/or case number of the accident , all your relevant personal details as well as those of any other person involved in the accident , all medical documents supporting the claim of injuries incurred, any motivating testimony from medical and/or

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How can government ensure that RAF benefits are given to deserving beneficiaries?

Answer Expert Verified 1) government can sent his officials directly to confirm the fund benefits reaching. 3) Government can make sure money transfer through giving them the bank chaque. 4) They can also make the money directly transfer to one of the beneficiaries bank account.

How long does it take RAF to pay after settlement?

However, a settlement is often reached prior to the court case commencing. At this point, the RAF loads the ruling onto its system – a process that again can add a considerable delay. In fact, the time from concluding at court until you receive funds in your account is often 6 to 12 months!

Can I claim compensation after 10 years?

Tim Driscoll: Well, yes, there is a very limited time period in which people must make a claim for compensation , particularly in workers’ compensation in New South Wales . For most workers, they have a period of only six months from the date of injury to actually lodge a claim for compensation .

Is the Road Accident Fund an organ of state?

[34] The RAF is an organ of state , established in terms of s 2 of the Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1996 (the Act). It is thus bound to adhere to the basic values and principles governing the public administration under our Constitution.

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